Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The Delta Tangos DX Radio Club is a group of radio enthusiasts who specialize in long-distance radio communication, often referred to as “DXing.” The club was founded in 1976 by a group of radio operators in the United Kingdom, and has since expanded to include members from around the world.
The club’s name, “Delta Tangos,” is derived from the International Radio Communication (IRC) phonetic alphabet, with “Delta” representing the letter “D” and “Tango” representing the letter “T.” The use of the phonetic alphabet is common among radio operators to ensure clear and accurate communication, especially when communicating across different languages and accents.
The Delta Tangos DX Radio Club is known for their expertise in DXing, and many members hold multiple awards and achievements in the field. The club participates in various contests and events throughout the year, and also engages in social activities such as radio rallies and meetups.
Over the years, the club has evolved with the changing technology and advancements in radio communication. While DXing traditionally involved the use of single sideband (SSB) radios, members now also use digital modes and other technologies to improve their communication capabilities.
The Delta Tangos DX Radio Club continues to be an active and dedicated group of radio enthusiasts, promoting the hobby and advancing the field of long-distance radio communication.

By 55DT001-Francis

A radio operator since I was 9 years old I have a President Lincoln, Yaesu Ft450 D, Midland 40 Channel AM, FM, Super Star 9900 Antennas; Antron 99, Siro 827 5/8, 9/1 Balan with a 5mt wire on a fishing pole. I am also a Ham Radio Operator My Callsign is ZB3Y

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