Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

An example call for DX contacts on Freeband and to QSY to a frequency: The seasoned members will know this but new members may benefit from this.
” CQ DX, CQ DX, this is [Your Call Sign] calling. Is there any DX station out there who can copy me? Over.”
Repeat this call a few times, then pause and listen for a few seconds to see if there’s any response. If there is no reply, try again after a short interval.
If you do get a response, listen carefully to the other station’s call sign and location. Once they’ve finished speaking, reply with “Roger, [Their Call Sign], this is [Your Call Sign]. You are coming in [Signal Report] here in [Your Location]. Please confirm my signal report, over.”
If they confirm your signal report and you want to continue the conversation, you can ask them to QSY (change frequency) with you by saying “QSY to [frequency], [Their Call Sign], over.”
For example, “QSY to 27.505 MHz, [Their Call Sign], over
73s DT716

By 55DT001-Francis

A radio operator since I was 9 years old I have a President Lincoln, Yaesu Ft450 D, Midland 40 Channel AM, FM, Super Star 9900 Antennas; Antron 99, Siro 827 5/8, 9/1 Balan with a 5mt wire on a fishing pole. I am also a Ham Radio Operator My Callsign is ZB3Y

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