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Delta Tango International DX Group


The Delta Tango International DX Group members have chosen to become members of this group and have agreed to the requirements in order to use their Delta Tango (DT) callsign as their primary callsign, we know from experience that this is not always the case, the DT HQ is not there to force members to commit themselves to the group, we are here to help in shape or form to the best of our ability, using the DT callsign is a choice, not an enforcement or regulation like other groups do, we are all proud to have many DT members who are also members of other dx groups and ham radio operators, who we do honor those stations for using the DT callsign as there primary callsign which has been allocated to them.

Requirements or Credential

The Delta Tango International DX Group does not require any requirements or credentials from you to join the group, all CB Radio Operators with any level of knowledge are welcome, we can say all our members will be more than happy to help you out in whatever we can to the best of our knowledge and ability within the hobby.

Existing and Old/Previous Members

For those of you who are Existing & Old/Previous Delta Tango International DX Group Members, Please take your time to REGISTER yourself on the website, When registered on the Website, we will grant you full access and all the privileges available for you like the rest of our members > REGISTER < If you have any questions regarding your membership, please fill free to contact us via our > CONTACT US < page on the website.

Members Online Directory

We won’t publish any of your credentials on the internet, make note that our Members Online Directory is available for download from our website, this will only be available to our Registered members on the website,

Update your Directory

Registered Members on the website can update their contact details in the Group Directory by filling in our Online Members Directory Form, Please take your time to do so Thanks.

Online Shop

We have an online shop available for you with lots of products, The online shop is only available to our Registered members who are logged in to the website, Please be aware, that you have to be a Registered Member on the website, After you log in you will have full access like the rest of our members, Below you can see some of our many products available for you from your Online Shop

Joining Delta Tango International DX Group

A One-off Payment of – £10.00 for a Lifetime Membership

( Please note that NO Annual Payment is required for the Renewal of your Membership/Number )

Payments options

We offer PayPal as one of the payment options, this method will be automatically achieved when you fill in our Application form, in case you do not have a PayPal account, we can also offer you a Bank Transfer Option, Or in case you do not have any of the above, please fill free to contact us so we can arrange for an alternative payment method. ( You Must fill in our Application form )

You are entitled to the following

1X Unit Number, 1X Membership ID Card, 1X Certificate of Membership, 1X Online Downloadable Directory from the Website, 1X Online Interactive Directory on the website, 1X Personal Avatar, 1X Zello Delta Tango Group, and full access to the website like the rest of our group members.

Click on the JOIN US Button to become a Member

HQ Address “Contact Us


We really appreciate your interest in the group


73’s from the Delta Tango International DX Group the World’s Finest DX Group

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