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About Delta Tango

Allan 26 DT 001

Once upon a not long ago, a young man named Allan in England became part of a great hobby as a CB Radio Operator in a great community of enthusiasts around the World, this great hobby is Citizens band radio (also known as CB radio), which is used in most of all the countries around the world.

You can read more about the hobby here,

Around the early part of 1995 after being on air for a couple of years and chatting with Radio operators around the world, also being part of a radio group so he comes up with the great idea of creating his wone radio group and “Why Not”.

Delta Tango International Dx Group is born. The callsign 26 DT 001 Mr Allan (DT Short for Delta Tango)

Being so passioned and persistent members around the world begin to join the Delta Tango group, Allan and the rest of the members start to expand the word around through the airwaves and word of mouth, and with the group application form, he even creates his won moto for the group, “ It’s Good To Talk” he has always been promoting for all of us to be a great group of enthusiast and caring members towards others, by doing so this became part of the Delta Tango Group philosophy and spirit within all our members.

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