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listed the NATO phonetic alphabet, which is used internationally to ensure clear communication over radio and telephone channels. Each word is chosen to represent a letter in the alphabet and has a distinct pronunciation that can be easily understood, even in noisy or low-quality communication channels. This alphabet is particularly useful in situations where spelling out words over the phone or radio is necessary, such as in military, aviation, and emergency services contexts.

International alphabet.
A – Alfa
B – Bravo
C – Charlie
D -Delta
E – Echo
F – Foxtrot
G – Golf
H – Hotel
I – India
J – Juliet
K – Kilo
L – Lima
M – Mike
N – November
O – Oscar
P – Papa
Q – Quebec
R – Romeo
S – Sierra
T – Tango
U – Uniform
V – Victor
W – Whiskey
X – X-Ray
Y – Yankee
Z – Zulu

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