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the entire RSGB Council and many of its members were recruited into The Interceptors, also known as the Radio Security Service. Its mission was to intercept clandestine enemy transmissions.

During the tumultuous days of the Second World War, amidst the rubble and chaos of a nation under siege, there existed a band of intrepid radio enthusiasts who refused to be silenced. This was the Radio Society of Great Britain, a group of hardy souls who braved the bombs and blackout to keep the airwaves alive.

From the makeshift bunkers of London to the scattered farmhouses of the countryside, these brave men and women spent their days hunched over their radio sets, tuning in to the crackling transmissions from far-off lands. They listened to news bulletins from the front lines, coded messages from resistance fighters, and even the occasional lighthearted music program to lift their spirits amidst the darkness.

And when the air raid sirens wailed and the bombs rained down, the Radio Society refused to yield. They huddled together in their shelters, sharing stories and swapping tips for tuning their radios amidst the interference of the bombs.

Despite the constant danger and uncertainty, the Radio Society of Great Britain remained steadfast in their mission. They organised secret meetings in the dead of night, passing around handwritten notes to avoid detection, and even risked their lives to transmit messages of hope and encouragement to their fellow citizens.

For these brave radio enthusiasts, the war was not just a battle of armies and machines, but a struggle for the very soul of their nation. And through it all, the Radio Society of Great Britain stood strong, a beacon of hope and resilience amidst the darkness of war.

National Radio Centre

Exhibition at RSGB National Radio Centre, informing, how radio portion of electromagnetic spectrum is currently allocated and utilised on specific frequency bands

The National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire opened in 2012.[14] It has exhibits and demonstrations of wireless technology, the GB3RS radio station, and the RSGB archives in a newly constructed building close to the main Bletchley Park entrance.

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