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This is just a small sample of the many QSL DX CLUBS that exist or have existed over the years. It’s incredible to think about the worldwide community of radio enthusiasts and their dedication to communication. πŸŒπŸ“» #QSLDXClubs #RadioEnthusiasts πŸ€™

Scottish Thistle QSL Swap Club
The Cutty Sark QSL Club
Lima Whisky DX Club
British Concord International CB-QSL Club
Dorset Knights DX Group
UK International Radio Group
Happy Cobbler DX Group
Anglo American Magna Carta International Sidebanders
Saxon Skippers
Sea Dragon DX QSL Club
Cobra Operators Club
Charlie Bravo Sidebanders Club
Boomerang Radio DX QSL Club
Papa Bravo DX QSL Club
Nottingham Castle QSL Swap Club
Echo Sierra Whisky DX Club
Kilo Kilo Swap Club
Romeo Delta X Ray QSL DX Club
Great British QSL DX Club
Whiskey Mike DX Group
Golf Lima
India Papa
Rhein Main Sidebanders
Torino International DX Radio Club
Alfa Tango International DX Group
Brummi 2000 Int. QSL Swap Club
Channel sidebanders
Wee county breakers CB club
Charlie bravo DX group Newton le willows
Alpha zulu club St Helens
MAC DX club Inverness Scotland
TSB DX Group Manchester
Kilo Kilo club Manchester
Bomb city Breakers DX Salwick BNFL club
Somerset Knights International DX Group
Yankie Delta group Yeovil
Ribble Breakers association RBA Preston
Alpha whiskey Perth
Tango Fox DX group Exeter
OWL DX Group Crewe
Livingston DX club
Tango Fox Charlies
Hucknall Breakers Club – Hucknall
Bulwell Breakers – Bulwell
Leapool Breaker Club – Arnold
Whiskey Deltas, Romeo Hotels, Alpha Lima Tangos – Runcorn and Widnes
Mike Alpha Charlies
Fox Willy Willy
Whiskey Delta Charlie – West Yorkshire
The Golf Yankee DX group – Grimsby
UK01 club – Highbridge, Somerset
Smelly Town Breakers Club – Bridgwater
Ufort Breakers Road Clog Breakers Club – Pendle Court Astley Bridge Bolton
Bandits 14 CBC
Clyde Coast Breakers
Island Hotel – New Street Stevenston Ayrshire
House Venue Hotel – Nunds Liverpool CB-NE POBox61 Tict D Road Breakers
Copy Cats Manager Martholme Grange Altham Accrington Lancashire Action Group Road
SE23 Venue Breakers Club – Christopher’s Drive Crewe Breakers Club Main Road Wynbunbury Crewe Cheshire Breakers Assn Pitville Crescent Heltenham
Derwent Valley Breakers – Prospect Cerrace New Stanley County Durham Wednesdays Black Bull, Lanchester Crown and Cushion Road Cheltenham
City Circle Breakers Club – Breer Green Leeds Don Valley Breakers Roseberry Avenue Hatfield Doncaster
Dragon Breakers Assn – Leafield Road Hunts Cross Liverpool 25 Fluxton
Ur White Good Associates – P.O. Box 164E Manchester
East Antrim CBRC – PO Box Antrim GBA
Coronation Service – Middleton Road Heywood Lancs
Edinburgh CBRC – Ross Gardens Edinburgh EH9 3BR
Elite Breakers – The Windmill Lambeth High Street London SE1 Glasgow CBC 147 Trossachs Road Glasgow G72 Grampian Breakers Jasmine Terrace Aberdeen Scotland
Father Thames – Albert Embankment SE12 Harrow and Wembley CB Group Sandringham Crescent Harrow Middlesex
Citizens’ Band Club – 24Byrony Close Witham CMB 2XF Hazard County Breakers Club Area Breakers 22 Radcliffe Avenue Chaddesden Derby Independent Breakers Assn
National Kent DA7 Barnehurst
UKCBC Lancaster Mayfair UBA
(NE) Cornwall Newquay Nretherras Terrace 6RP
Avenue Avenue Drive Club for London
85 10-4 Essex Club Swindon Toothill Swindon Road SN5
Legalisation Campaign Packet Breakers SA1l Rad 7DF Breakers
Wyre Forest Breakers – 19 Chawson Pleck Chawson Estate Droitwich
Young Breakers Association – 22 Romerby Crescent Bolton Lancs
Mag 7 CB Club at Caterham British Legion
2nd City Breakers – Glasgow
Delta Tango international dx group
Tango Delta dx group

This is just a small sample of the many QSL DX CLUBS that exist or have existed over the years. It’s incredible to think about the worldwide community of radio enthusiasts and their dedication to communication. Keep exploring and connecting! πŸŒπŸ“» #QSLDXClubs #RadioEnthusiasts #GlobalCommunication #AmateurRadio πŸ€™

Let’s compile a list together of some of the QSL DX CLUBS that have been around over the years! πŸ“
Please add any you can remember or have spoken to in the comments section below.

By 26 DT716 Steven

As one of the the News Editors for The Delta Tango DX Group. I would like to encourage you to share your expertise with the rest of our community. Writing articles or creating videos that highlight your experiences and knowledge can be an excellent way to give back and assist others who are just starting out in the hobby. We are more than happy to publish any articles or content you create on our Network News Pages. So, don't hesitate to share your insights and help us all grow together!

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