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QTH Map Location

How to add your QTH area on the Map with the Location Marker:

Just by clicking on the “+” Blue Button located on the Righthand Side of the Map,

A form will pop up to let you enter the location details in the same comfortable way as on Google Maps.

You can also add your location by clicking
on the “+” Blue Button, then with the + & – key you can Zoom in
or out to the desired location on the map, by clicking on that location a bubble
will appear on the selected area as your QTH, you can click on any area on the map to change your
location area as many times as you wish.

you can also add a different location every time you submit an area for approval,

for example, you can Pinpoint where you are normally stationed with your mobile station.

Customize max. filesize image for uploads must be 10MB or lower

After submitting the area location your proposal will be “Pending” for our review and approval before it gets published on the website.

+Your QTH Location
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Add your QTH on the Map

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