Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

PO Box Forwarding Service

Your personal PO Box with Mail Forwarding service

PO Box service for our members

Let us take away the hassle of you having to arrange for someone to pick up your everyday mail received in those expensive PO Boxes, we will happily do this work for you, secure storage will be guaranteed and we will forward your everyday mail to you every month.

What are the advantages of this service, First of all, you will no longer have to provide your personal address details on the group directory, we will represent you in the Group Directory as your main mailing address will now be (Delta Tango, PO Box 1451, Preston, PR2 0DA, Lancashire, England) you will no longer have to worry about the expense of paying for those expensive PO Boxes, all your mail (QSL Cards) that we receive will be forwarded to you on a monthly programme.


A service provided to all our members World Wide

We are going to provide you with your personal address on our Group Directory

A very affordable all-year-round PO Box Service which saves you time and money

A free mail storage service every month

All correspondence will be forwarded inside a single large Envelope

Costs (How Much)

As little as £1,70 a month, an annual payment of £20.00 for the hire of our PO Box (Your Personal PO Box)

Mail forwarding postal service costs will be charged to the subscriber, this will depend on the weight of the Packet/Envelope before we send it to you every month, (You will only pay when before we forward your mail for the cost of the stamps)


We have a great payment service, we are happy to announce that we are providing a Bank Transfer Service for you, in order to able to make your payments much easier.

For a more secure and safe transaction service, we would prefer for you to pay £20.00 per annual rather than monthly payments

Bank Account Transfer Details

  • Bank is Name
  • BSB.
  • account number.
  • name on your account.
  • the BIC/SWIFT CODE – the international banking code identifying your bank.


Soon as you sign up online with us, we will immediately add your private address to our database, it will remain private and confidential for office use only, this way we can forward all your posts (QSL Cards) to your home (QTH), It’s a fast and easy postal forwarding service provided for you.

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