Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Personal QSL’s

Delta Tango Member’s Personal QSL Cards Designs

We are more than happy to design for you at a very high professional standard your personal QSLCards

The design can be done in three different formats;

A, Standard version B, Email QSL’s “eqsl” C, ClusterDx Compatible D, Compatible

Here you can see some of our professional qsl card designs on display below in our Gallery

Information regarding your Design: As soon as we receive your pictures, a member of the design team will get back to you once we check all photos prior to designing your QSL Card, You will receive an email confirming we have received your pictures for your personal design, with your requested design, we will create a design to your specifications, have a design ready for you we will email you back a copy of the design, this is for you to check it out.

“At this point, you can request any changes to the design, as this is your personal qsl card not our’s”

We will do our best to help you out with whatever changes are to be made to your personal qsl card design, Once you are happy with the design and we get your thumbs up and approval, we will send you your finished copy in any format required, PSD, Jpeg, PDF this entirely up to you.

We will also upload it to the gallery for all our members to see on your website upon completion

Simply fill in the request form below and send us the pictures that you wish for your qsl card design

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