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NumberAwards Loction & OthersQTY
1European Countries Awarad25
2East Europe Countries Awarad8
3Italian Countries Awarad6
4Italian Regions Awarad8
5Sicilian Provinces Awarad6
6United Kingdom Cites Awarad20
7United Kingdom Counties Awarad7
8British Commonweath Awarad8
9Mediteranian Countries Awarad10
10East Europe Countries Awarad8
11Polish Regions Awarad8
12Hungarian Regions Awarad6
13Austrian Districts Awarad30
14Gernan States Awarad10
15French Teretory Awarad4
17French Regions Awarad10
18French Departments Awarad25
19Greek Regions Awarad5
20Swedish Counties Awarad6
21Scandinavian Countries Awarad4
22Belgium Provinces Awarad6
23Netherlands Provinces Awarad6
24Spanish Provinces Awarad12
25Spainish Canary Islands Awarad7
26Switzerland Cantons Awarad5
27Irish Counties Awarad7
28Portuguese Districts Awarad5
29Portuguese Provinces Awarad5
30Norwegia Counties Awarad6
31Danish Counties Awarad5
32Finnish Provinces Awarad5
33African Countries Awarad8
34Canadian Provinces & Territories Awarad5
35U.S.A. States Awarad18
36Central & North America Countries Awarad 6
37South America Countries Awarad 6
38Brasilian States Awarad6
39Venezuela State Awarad6
40Uruguay Deparments Awarad4
41Argentina States Awarad6
42Chile Provinces Awarad4
43Costarica Provinces Awarad3
44Mexican States Awarad6
45Japanies Regions & Prefectures Awarad4
46Indonesian Provinces Awarad8
47Arab Countries Awarad6
48Asiatic Countries Awarad6
49Oceania Countries Awarad6
50Australian State & Territories Awarad4
51New Zealand Regions Awarad4
52Islands On The Air (IOTA) Awarad14
53Worked all Continents Awarad14
54Worked all Zones Awarad6
55World Capitals Awarad24
56Gold Members Group Awarad 14
57Supper Class Operator Awarad ( Will Show in The Members Group Directory )300
58Silver Members Group Awarad300
59First Class Operator Awarad ( Will Show in The Members Group Directory )100
60Bronze Members Group Awarad100
61Second Class Operator Awarad ( Will Show in the Members Group Directory )25
62World Radio Friendship Awarad15
63Maritime Mobile Stations Awarad6
64Mobile Stations Awarad ( Any type of Vehicle or On Foot)10
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